Saving Money on Valentine’s Day

Is your budget still recuperating from the holiday season? Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, so it’s time to start planning ahead now to avoid overspending on another holiday. Here are some tips:

1. Avoid Buying Roses

High demand for roses on Valentine’s Day means insane price increases, sometimes over 50% or more. Consider buying a different type of flower instead, or even creating your own bouquet. Not only will it you save money, you’ll get points for creativity as well.

2. Make Dinner at Home

Many couples want to go out for the holiday, but it can be tough to get reservations. Save the hassle of going out while saving cash by making a romantic dinner at home. Bring out the table cloth and candles to supplement the feeling of eating out. If you choose to cook together, it can make for a fun night in.

3. Agree on No Gifts

Talk to your significant other before Valentine’s Day and agree not to buy anything for each other. If you still want to celebrate the holiday with your loved one, consider making something instead like a playlist with her favorite songs or his favorite dessert. You shouldn’t have to spend much to show your love.

4. Check out our Pinterest Board for Ideas

If Valentine’s Day is your favorite holiday and you want to decorate, bake, or make a DIY gift to celebrate, make sure you check out our Pinterest page for tons of budget friendly ideas!

Post written by Amanda Owens, SMMC Program Assistant