Dead/Finals Week Survival Guide

It’s everyone’s favorite week of the year: Dead Week! Okay, not so much, but if you follow these tips you should be able to dominate your finals while staying sane and maintaining your budget.

1. Set a Schedule

Take time to list every project and final in order of when they’re due, and then write down a detailed study schedule and stick to it. For extra motivation, reward yourself with something small like your favorite treat or an hour of Netflix each time you finish something major on your schedule.

2. Turn off Social Media

Consider deactivating your Facebook account or temporarily deleting all social media apps from your phone.  During these next two weeks not much will be going on anyway, so don’t worry about missing out.  Remember, you’ll have almost an entire month for winter break to check social media!

3. Stay Healthy

December is when cold/flu season starts to kick in, so you’ll want to keep your immune system strong.  Make sure you are eating nutritious meals and staying under budget- this means avoiding expensive convenience foods and sugary energy drinks.  Also, try to avoid all-nighters and get those 8 hours of sleep!

4. Stick with Coffee

Need an extra boost of caffeine? Your best bet is to stick with coffee!  Coffee is much healthier than energy drinks, especially if you avoid adding sugar and whipped cream. Avoid taking drugs like Adderall unless you have a prescription because of its potential hazardous side effects.

5. Take Advantage of FREE Events

There are tons of free events going on these next two weeks that are dedicated to helping students de-stress.  Check out the UNL Events calendar to see what’s going on:

Good luck, Huskers! We believe in you!

Post written by Amanda Owens, SMMC Program Assistant