Review of the rebate app Checkout 51

We have another review of a rebate app for you! This time we are reviewing the app Checkout 51. With this app, you can earn money by buying food, personal items, and cleaning products listed in the app. You upload a picture of your receipt and then money adds up in your account. Once you reach $20, you can “withdraw” the money. The app is free and is available for apple and android users.

1. Most offers are available at any store

Unlike the app Ibotta, most of the offers are available at any store. If the offer is only available in one store or a few stores, it will say above the item “Walmart” or “Multiple Stores.” If it doesn’t say anything like that above the item, you can buy it at any store to get the rebate.

2. Offers are only good for a week

The offers run from 12:01 am on Thursdays to midnight on Wednesdays. That means that you have to purchase the offers and upload your receipt to the app to claim the offers during that time period. After the week is up, new offers are added. Sometimes offers can be carried over to the next week, but don’t count on it! Offers also may run out before the week is up, so you want to upload your receipt as soon as you buy something that qualifies for a rebate.

3. This is not a quick way to make money

Just like the Ibotta app, you’re not going to make very much money on this app, and you’re not going to get it quickly, either. However, it can be a way to get some rewards for things that you already buy. Just make sure that you aren’t buying something just because it’s on the app. Look at the price and determine whether or not you want to purchase the item- any rebate you might get from the app is just a bonus!