6 Low or No Cost Gifts

As a college student, money often runs tight, and the thought of shelling out tons of money on holiday gifts can increase the stress of the already stressful end of the semester. Here’s a list of alternative gifts that will cost you little to nothing – but your loved ones will enjoy them just as much!

1. Do housework/yard work

This is a great gift for parents and grandparents who can be difficult to shop for! Offer to scoop their driveway this winter every time it snows or clean their house every couple of weeks until spring.

2. Babysit

If you have family or friends with young kids, offer to babysit once or twice a month free of charge. Every couple needs a date night once in awhile, but babysitters can be pricey – it’s a gift every family will love!

3. Make Dinner

Growing up, your parents or grandparents probably spent most of the holidays preparing food for you to eat. Now it’s your turn to prepare dinner for them! If you have siblings, have everyone chip in on food to make it even cheaper.

4. Download CD’s to Itunes

I’ve done this for my parents before and they absolutely loved it! It may take a bit of time, but this is something you can accomplish while doing homework or browsing the Internet. Then upload the songs to your loved one’s smart phone or Mp3 player.

5. Host a Game Night

Have each of your friends bring a board game and beverages to your place, and then you supply the snacks. Have each friend take a turn hosting – after all, food and time with friends is better than a gift!

6. Offer Your Skills

Are you handy with cars or a sewing machine? Offer to change your friend’s oil or fix your sister’s torn dress. Maybe you’re into fitness and can offer a couple free personal training sessions to a friend who wants to get in shape for the new year. Whatever you’re good at, try finding a way to help out a friend or family member in need!

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Post written by Amanda Owens, SMMC Program Assistant