20 Free Things to do on a Rainy Day

1. Take a nap
2. Watch episodes of tv shows for free online on Yahoo View
3. Do a free yoga class on YouTube
4. Make a budget! Start here
5. Watch Nebraska football highlights online
6. Study!
7. Go to campus rec and workout
8. Play in the rain! (Only if there’s no lightning!)
9. Fill out your FAFSA for next year
10. Call your parents (they already miss you!)
11. Doodle
12. Watch tv in the union and meet new people
13. Surf pinterest for Halloween costume ideas. Check out our Halloween board
14. Research study abroad opportunities
15. Go through your clothes and see if there are any you don’t wear anymore that you can donate
16. Research the political candidates and the issues that will be on your ballot
17. Catch up with a friend who goes to another university
18. Look up a new recipe for dinner so you don’t spend money on delivery
19. Play games in the Rec Room in the basement of the City Union
20. Do something nice for someone else