Tips on Planning for Spring Break

Fall just started a few days ago, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start planning for spring break.  Here are tips you need to consider before booking your trip:

1.  Start Planning ASAP
Procrastination=Overspending! Most travel agents recommend booking your trip any time between August and November in order to get the best price. Also keep in mind that planning something as big as a spring break trip with several people can be a drawn-out, daunting task.  The more time you have to plan, the less stressed you’ll be.

2.  Set and Stick to Your Budget
Before making any plans, make sure that you establish a budget and communicate it to the rest of your group.  Remember to set aside money not just for food, transportation, and lodging, but for miscellaneous fees and expenses that might unexpectedly occur.  Don’t let your friend peer pressure you into compromising your budget!

3.  Don’t Stick to the Status Quo
You don’t have to stretch your budget thin by taking a pricey trip to Mexico or the Caribbean in order to have a great time.  Colorado is only a day’s drive away and offers beautiful scenery for a cheaper price.  If you prefer just a weekend getaway to the city, consider going to Kansas City or Chicago.

4.  Vacation During the Off-Season
March is an extremely busy time for many hotels and resorts, and prices can be high.  Consider working extra hours over spring break and then reward yourself with a trip after finals in May.  According to, May-November and December-February are the cheapest times to visit tropical locations.

5.  Shop Around
It’s tempting to book the first appealing deal you come across, but it’s important to look around and make sure you’re not only getting a good price, but that you’re not getting scammed.  If you have AAA, consider talking to a travel agent because it’s free to consult with them.  Just as helpful as travel agents are friends and family members and reputable websites.

Post written by Amanda Owens, SMMC Program Assistant