Resources To Help You Plan Your Education Abroad Experience

If you weren’t able to walk by our booth at the Education Abroad Fair earlier today, no worries! We have a couple resources for you that can help you plan for the cost of your education abroad experience and help you save money as well.

If you are trying to compare multiple education abroad opportunities or if you know which program you will attend, you can use our Study Abroad Budget worksheet to help you plan for how much you will need to save up or borrow to pay for your time abroad. You must remember that you will probably not be working while you are abroad, so money will only be going out, not coming in. On this worksheet you can estimate all of the sources of income that you will have for your education abroad experience. Then, you can compare that to what your total expenses will be for your time abroad. Comparing these two numbers will tell you how much you need to work and how much you need to save to help you reach your goal.

Another resource we have for you is our Study Abroad Checklist. This handout has many tips for you as you financially prepare for your education abroad experience and also tells you ways that you can save money while you are abroad.

If you’d like one or both of these resources stop by our office in room 237 of the City Union. We want to help you make your financial goals a reality!