Fall Semester Student Bill Due Sept. 12!

It’s September already, which means the UNL fall semester student bill is due soon! It is due Monday, September 12th, and if you don’t pay it on-time, there is a $35 late fee (increase from last year).

Not sure how much you owe? Go to MyRed. The Student Accounts tab shows you all of the charges (tuition, housing, fees, parking, etc.) to your account, and also all of the credits, shown with minus signs (scholarships, loans, grants, payments, etc.) The amount that you owe at the top is how much you must pay by Sept. 12th. For directions on how to pay your student bill, check out this article. Remember to pay by electronic check to avoid the extra fee that goes along with debit and credit card payments!

Have some of your scholarships or loans not been applied yet? Check out the Financial Aid tab- it shows all of the scholarships, loans, and grants that the UNL Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid is aware of. It shows the amounts you will receive this semester and next semester. If you have accepted the scholarship/loan/grant, the amount will show under “Accepted.” If you still need to accept financial aid, click on “Accept/Decline Awards.” If the scholarship/loan/grant has been credited to your account balance, it will show the amount as “disbursed.” If it is not disbursed yet, see the notifications on the left side of the screen- there might be something you need to do before you can receive the money. If you don’t see a scholarship on there, contact whoever gave you the scholarship to make sure they are sending the money to UNL. If a scholarship/loan/grant has not been disbursed and you don’t know why, talk to the Financial Aid office in room 17 of the Canfield Administration building (next to the union).

Can’t pay your entire student bill? There is a new option called the Husker Payment Plan that will split up how much you owe into 3 payments. The first payment will be due when you enroll for the plan, the 2nd will be due Oct. 12, and the 3rd will be due Nov. 12. It costs $20 to enroll for the payment plan each semester, and you must enroll by Sept. 12 for this semester. (You must re-enroll each semester that you want to use the payment plan). For more information and for details on how to sign up for the Husker payment plan, go here.

As always, if you have questions on your financial aid options, feel free to come in to our office for help!