Build Your Resume! Volunteer with SMMC

Are you looking for an on-campus volunteer opportunity that is diverse, flexible, and resume-enhancing?  Check out the many opportunities we offer at the Student Money Management Center!
No matter what your strongest talents and abilities are, we likely have something that showcases yours!  If you’re a people-person, you can represent us at various booth events around campus.  Enjoy public speaking?  We give numerous presentations to a wide variety of groups on campus every month.  Is writing more your style? You can write blog posts for us on any financial topic as well.

No matter what your schedule is like, we can work with you!  We book presentations anytime from the early morning to late at night.  There are also plenty of tasks you can work on on your own time, like finding articles for social media posts or designing bulletin boards.  You also don’t need to commit to a specific amount of hours, just let us know what you can handle.
If you’re currently studying finance or any other business-related field, this is a great addition to your resume.  But if you’re not studying business, don’t worry! Volunteers go through training, so don’t worry about how much you know now.  Volunteering with us can enhance your writing and public speaking skills as well.  And who knows?  Maybe you’ll find a passion for personal finance which will lead to a career!
If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, you can:

Post written by Amanda Owens, SMMC Program Assistant