New Budgeting Worksheets Available

Here at the Student Money Management Center, we love budgeting! We think knowing how much you spend is essential before trying to create a debt repayment plan or saving for financial goals. Often times when people realize how much they are actually spending, they want to cut back. The best way to do that is to create a budget and stick to it. We have created 5 new budgeting worksheets that you can print off and fill out on your own. We suggest starting your budget on paper, and then you can always transfer it to a spreadsheet, app, etc. You are also welcome to schedule an appointment with us so that we can create a budget together! Here are our 5 budget worksheets:

  • On-Campus
  • Off-Campus
  • Off-Campus with spouse and/or kids
  • Alumni/Faculty/Staff
  • High School

Go to to download whichever budget worksheet fits you best. If you would like a little guidance on how to create your budget, check out our How to Start Budgeting handout or our 4-part How to Start Budgeting blog series, both of which can be found at  There is also a holiday spending worksheet to help you plan your spending around the holidays.

Happy Budgeting!