Money Tips for Incoming Freshmen

Starting college is very exciting, but it also brings new challenges and responsibilities. One of the responsibilities you will have to begin to take on in college is increasing financial independence. You will have to slowly transition from your parents paying for a lot of your necessities to paying for them yourself. But don’t worry- the Student Money Management Center is here to help you with all of your money questions and money problems while you are with us at UNL, and after you graduate too! Here are some money tips that will be helpful for you as you prepare for your freshman year of college:

1. Go to NSE (New Student Enrollment) and learn about all of the free services UNL has to offer you
2. Talk to your roommate/s about what each of you is bringing so you don’t waste money on buying two of everything!
3. Buy your books & save money by comparing prices from multiple websites
4. Follow the SMMC on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest for money tips, resources, and free events
5. Make sure you understand your student loans. Find info here
6. Create a monthly budget. Find help getting started at
7. Create a list of financial goals
8. Learn about credit and why it’s important. Check out these resources
9. Go to Big Red Welcome Street Festival and get free stuff and discounts from UNL and Lincoln organizations. More info at
10. Schedule a free appointment with the Student Money Management Center to get help with your money problems and/or get your money questions answered at