Start Planning for the Cost of the Next School Year

If you’re graduating this weekend and won’t be returning to UNL in the fall, congratulations! You won’t need to plan for the cost of another school year. For the rest of you, you should start thinking ahead to how much the next year of classes is going to cost you and what resources you have to pay for the costs. Here are some things to think about:

-Will you be taking classes that have differential tuition, such as business classes?

-Are you taking the same number of credits?

-Do you have any scholarships that are ending after this year?

-Will your parents be able to help with any costs next year?

-Will you have money saved from working this summer?

If you’re having trouble covering the costs for next year, start looking for scholarships. You can still use all of those same websites that you used in high school to look for scholarships when you’re in college. Free money is the best kind of money! You can also make a plan to determine how much you will need to work this summer to earn enough to cover cost of books and other expenses for next year. If you need help, you can always schedule an appointment with us at (Yes, we’re open during the summer). The best plan is always to plan ahead!