“Chopped” Cooking Competition

Last week, the Student Money Management Center had the opportunity to be a part of a Campus NightLife event that was a combination food drive/cooking competition. Competitors and spectators were all asked to bring food items to donate to OpeN Shelf, UNL’s campus food pantry, located in the Lutheran Center. OpeN Shelf is available to all UNL students who are having trouble affording basic necessities such as toiletries and food. Students are encouraged to stop by OpeN Shelf during the school year on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons. For more information on OpeN Shelf and their hours/location, please click here.

For the cooking competition, there were 4 pairs of UNL students and dozens of supportive on-lookers. There were 3 rounds- appetizer, main course, and dessert, where the teams had a certain time limit to make a dish to impress the judges. After each round, one of the teams was “chopped” from the competition, based on which dish the judges liked the least. In addition to the competition, there were other activities for the spectators, including demonstrations of how to make healthy meals by chefs (including samples!), a sugar cookie decorating station, the “Chopped” Wii video game, a station to teach students how to properly use knives and cut up veggies for healthy snacks, and booths explaining the missions and services of OpeN Shelf and the Student Money Management Center. We had a great time being involved in the event, and it looked like the students had a lot of fun too! Thanks to Campus NightLife for a great night!