Moving Into a Dorm for the First Time? Costs to Plan For:

Starting college is full of brand new experiences, one of which is often moving out of your parents’ house for the first time to live on your own. Moving into a dorm is very exciting, but there will be additional costs that you should start planning for now, instead of waiting until move-in weekend and binge shopping at Target.

-Dorm room decorative items such as rugs, lamps, picture frames, posters, etc.

-Furniture such as a futon, extra chairs, etc.

-Sheets, comforter and pillows for an XL twin bed

-Microwave and mini fridge if you’re dorm doesn’t have them already and allows them

-Towels and washclothes

-Cleaning supplies such as disinfectant wipes

-You might want to bring some dishes and silverware (real or plastic) for those times you order in a pizza or you just want to have Easy Mac so you can keep studying for finals

You’ll also need to plan for increased expenses that your parents may have been helping you out with before, such as

-Food- even if you have a meal plan, you can’t raid the dining hall at midnight if you get a craving. You’ll have to start buying your own snacks for in between meals. You also might get tired of the dining hall every so often and want to go out to eat, just don’t make it a habit!

-Entertainment- with all of the new friends you meet, you might want to go to concerts and movies and sports games together. Just be sure to stay within your budget! You might have to say no sometimes.

-Laundry- you’ll need laundry baskets or a hamper, laundry soap, and probably a bunch of quarters!

*Pro tip: Make sure to talk to your roommate about who is bringing the big items such as a tv and a futon- you won’t have room for two of each!