Don’t overspend during Dead Week & Finals Week

You have made it four months through all of your classes, and now the end of the semester is so close you can almost touch it. You just have one obstacle in your way: finals. For many students, finals and dead week can be the most stressful time of the semester. Everything is due around the same time, and the pressure of how much your finals will impact your grades can be overwhelming. We often see this pressure affecting students’ finances as well. When students are stressed out, as many are this time of the semester, they often spend more than they normally would on caffeine, snacks, and fast food.

Make sure that you aren’t ordering a pizza just because you don’t want to walk down to the cafeteria to use your meal plan since you are studying hard. Your brain needs a break to be able to process all of the information you are trying to retain, and you need healthy, balanced meals to keep up your energy and focus.  Remember to get adequate sleep (I know, hard to do during finals), even if that means throwing in a few more naps! All-nighters aren’t going to help you if you fall asleep while studying or during a test. You need to sleep to be able to store the information that you have been learning. The more rest you get, the less coffees and energy drinks you will need, and the more money you will save!

You don’t want your budget to get out of control in just a couple weeks, especially since you will probably be spending more than usual due to holiday gifts and traveling home. There are many free events around campus this week and next week with free caffeine, snacks, and quiet study spaces. Take advantage of these opportunities to stay focused and save some money! If you have any money questions you need answered before you leave for break, we encourage you to make an appointment with us at Let us help you reduce your financial stress so you can focus on school. Good luck on finals and congratulations to all the students graduating this semester!