Welcome Back Events

We love the beginning of the fall semester because there are always lots of welcome back events that we get to go to where we get to meet new students, and welcome back the old ones. The first welcome back event that we attended was the New Graduate/Professional Student fair for all new UNL grad students. The event was held in the City Union on the Thursday before classes began for the fall semester. We had our plinko game with prizes available for students to play, and we were very happy with the number of students that came to our booth. Last year we reached around 100 students, and this year we were able to meet 300+ students! We had a lot of fun!

The weekend before classes started, we were invited to participate in Party at the Union on Saturday, and Big Red Welcome Street Festival on Sunday.  Party at the Union is late at night on Saturday, and culminates with pancakes being served at midnight. We were able to have a booth in the Gaughan Center where we had our plinko board again and gave out glow necklaces, random prizes, sunglasses, and chances to win a $50 Target gift card. On Sunday, we were outside of the stadium participating in what some students call “Free Stuff Sunday.” We had plinko again and gave out sunglasses, water bottles, chargers, and Bobble filtering water bottles. With the two events combined, we saw over 1100 students over the weekend!

Another event we participated in was the East Campus Welcome Back Club Fair during the first week of classes. It was held inside the new East Campus Rec and Wellness Center and there was a picnic dinner outside for students as well. We love the different feel of East Campus and we were happy that we reached more than 2x as many students as we did last year at this event! We loved being able to give students some promo items at these events as well as some information on what we do here at the Student Money Management Center. Bring on fall semester and the new school year!