Cheap Weekend Getaway: Niobrara

Students often want to travel during their summers off of school, but summer jobs and internships and cost of travel can be prohibitive. Here’s an idea for a trip that’s cheap and not too far away: a visit to the Niobrara River!  If you go camping, trips to the Niobrara can be less than $100 per person!

The part of the Niobrara River where people like to tube, canoe, kayak, etc. is near Valentine, NE which is roughly 5 hours from Lincoln. There are many outfitters that offer canoes, tubes, kayaks, and more for rent on the river. There are also multiple campsites where people can camp for $7-$10 per person. Students can just borrow a tent and cooler from family or friends and bring along some food for a lunch on the river and dinner to cook over a fire.  Tubes can be anywhere from $30-$50 and canoes and kayaks are around the same price range. Many people will canoe or kayak one day and tube another day. The outfitters cover different parts of the river, so it’s important to decide which parts of the river you want to see before you choose an outfitter. Attractions include the Fort Niobrara Wildlife Refuge, Berry Falls, Smith Falls, Stair Step Falls, and Fritz’s Landing, and Rocky Ford. As always, it is important to compare prices to get the best deal! Always call the outfitters to see what their current prices are since their websites might not be updated frequently.

Niobrara is a beautiful river that is both relaxing and fun to float down. It is a great destination for a short family vacation or a getaway with friends. A trip to the Niobrara is a fun way to enjoy nature as well as unplugged time with family or friends.