Summer Savings Tips

If you’re like me then summer is your favorite time of year. It’s a time filled with trips, concerts, lake days, and sporting events. But all of these things cost money, which is sometimes hard to come by, especially in the summer. So here are my tips on how to save money during the summer, so that you can do all the activities you want without breaking the bank.

-Ditch your car, walking or riding your bike not only saves you money on gasoline but you also get to enjoy the beautiful weather, all while exercising. It’s a win-win-win!

-Experience your city for free! It may take some extra effort finding free events in your city, but there are plenty of them. Festivals, museums, free concerts, libraries, and so much more! Check out our social media channels for free/cheap events around Lincoln!

-Stick to grilling out. Not only is summer the perfect time for this, but it also helps to reduce your cooling bills. By not cooking inside you’re not heating up your oven or stovetop and in turn not raising your home’s temperature!

-Cancel your gym membership! Most gym memberships can cost you more than 50 dollars a month. Instead grab yourself a pair of running shoes and go for a run or walk. You can also check out cheap options at your local community center or pool.

By following these few steps, there is no limit on how much money you can save or debt you can avoid this summer!

Post written by Tom Myers, SMMC Program Assistant