Delta Sigma Theta Game of Life Event & Presentation

Last night, we had the opportunity to participate in Delta Sigma Theta’s Game of Life event.  Students were given a piece of paper stating their yearly and monthly salary and were given tasks to complete at different tables throughout the event.  The table that the SMMC staffed was the car and car insurance table.  Students had to choose a car that they could afford, along with choosing whether they wanted liability only or full coverage car insurance.  Then they had to use their monthly salary to pay for their purchases.  Other tables included buying a house, having to pay back student loans, leisure, and having to go to the hospital, among other things.  The students had to make decisions based on their job and their salary, and had to make sure they didn’t spend more than their monthly income!

For the second half of the event, the SMMC was invited to do a short presentation on money management to tie together the experiences that the students had gone through in the Game of Life.  We talked about how the students had to make choices between wants and needs during the game and how they had to make sure they stayed on budget.  We talked about how to make and stay on a budget and why having an emergency fund is so important.  In addition, we talked about how to get a free copy of your credit report and why having a good credit score is important in many areas of your life.  Lastly, we talked about student loan repayment and what to do if you get a student loan refund.  The attendees asked some great questions and we had a lot of fun.  If your organization is putting on a money themed event, we’d love to help out with it or help tie everything  together with a short presentation.  Let us know by shooting us an email at