Red Letter Days

Did you know that the Student Money Management Center staffs a booth at all of the Red Letter Days that the Office of Admissions puts on each semester?  It’s true!  Red Letter Days are opportunities for prospective students and their parents to come visit UNL and learn about all of the services that we have to offer students here on campus.  In the afternoons on Red Letter Day, there is an information/browsing fair that students and parents can walk through at their leisure.  Many of the academic and non-academic departments at UNL are represented at the fair.  The Student Money Management Center has a booth at the information fairs so that prospective students and their parents can be familiar with SMMC services before they even start their academic career at UNL.  We want students to know from the moment that they are interested in UNL that the SMMC is available to them for free financial information and mentoring.  Did you also know that the SMMC’s services are available to students after they graduate too?  That’s right, SMMC services are available for free for all UNL alumni!  Just because you have graduated college doesn’t mean you will have your financial life all figured out.  You might have questions about student loan repayment, employee benefits, retirement planning, buying a house or car, and many other financial milestones.  We will still be here to answer all of your financial questions.  Give us a call at 402-472-9093 to get your questions answered!