Spring Break Money Tips

Only one more week until it is Spring Break for UNL students, and yes, the SMMC will be open during Spring Break! Of course, the best money tip we can give you is to come see us during break! 🙂 We are still running our March promotion where if you have a one-on-one appointment you can play our plinko game to automatically win a prize!! Schedule online now at https://unlsmmc.youcanbook.me/

The second best way to save money during Spring Break is to not go on a trip at all and instead work more hours.  Not only will you not be spending hundreds of dollars like your peers going on Spring Break trips, but you will be making more money.  Maybe you can’t afford a Spring Break trip right now, but you want to go on a trip this summer.  A great way to get a head start on saving for that trip is to work more during Spring Break.  You can also start savings for costs for next semester like books or tuition so you don’t have to take out so much in student loans.

Another way to save money during Spring Break is to go visit family close by instead of going to the beach.  You’ll probably get some free homemade meals and maybe the use of some laundry facilities! If you’re stressed from classes, going home to relax with family or having a staycation can be the best way to go.  It saves money and you get to forget about school for a few days.

If you are going on a trip for Spring Break, we have some money saving tips for you, too:

  • Take the bus or metro from the airport to your hotel instead of a cab or van service. They can get pricey!
  • Rent a bike while you’re there.  Don’t waste money on renting a car or taking cabs all the time!
  • Save some money on meals by going to a grocery store.  Get the ingredients to make sandwiches so you can eat in/have a picnic for a couple lunches.
  • Bring snacks and things to eat for breakfast. You don’t want to have to find an overpriced convenience store or get something from the hotel vending machine every time you’re hungry.
  • Bring suncreen, towels, bathing suits with you.  Tourist destinations often mark up the prices of these items because they know you’ll need them!
  • Don’t impulse buy souvenirs.  You don’t need to buy something for everyone you know. Pick a couple people and set a budget before you go shopping.
  • Bring your student id. You just might be able to get some extra discounts!