Nebraska College Preparatory Academy Presentations

We had the opportunity to present workshops to both the freshmen and sophomore classes of the Nebraska College Prep Academy the past couple of weeks.  They were definitely some of the most attentive students we have presented to this year!  We really enjoyed getting to meet these students and they had some great questions.

We got to present to the students on a variety of topics, including budgeting, credit, student loans, and a short overview on identity theft, insurance, and investing.  Students learned about why it is so important to budget, how your credit score impacts your life, what to look for when choosing a credit card, what to do if you get a student loan refund, how to prevent identity theft, and much more!

We also did a couple of fun activities with the students, including our budgeting activity and our money personality activity.  In our budgeting activity, the students had five minutes to decide how they would allocate their pretend $1000 income for their expenses for the month.  In our workshop we talked to the students about the difference between wants and needs and how they could determine what their wants and needs are.  We also discussed finding cheaper alternatives for their wants to save money and how to build a budget based on needs first.  For the activity, the students had to allocate their money between wants and needs such as rent, cable, cell phone bill, clothes, fast food, utilities, concert tickets, and more.  The students also got to find out their money personality and got personalized suggestions on how to improve their money management skills.

If your group or organization would like the SMMC to come present a workshop, please contact us at or 402-472-9093.  A list of workshop topics can be found here.