Workshop at the Village Residence Hall

The RAs at the Village wanted us to come talk to their residents about money management.  The presentation was at night so that it would not conflict with classes.  In addition, there were free sandwiches for attendees and a chance to win a movie giftcard.  Thanks to the Village RAs for providing awesome incentives for students to come!

We covered three main topics in this workshop- budgeting, credit, and student loans.  We also handed out some free pens and some booklets with hundreds of ways to save!

If you’re an RA or part of an RHA and you would like us to do a workshop in your residence hall, please give us a call at 402-472-9093 or send us an email at

Current Promotion: Until the end of February, we are offering free waterbottles to students who come in to the office and grab a brochure or schedule an appointment.  Come see us in room 237 of the City Union! We will have another awesome promotion in March, so stay tuned. (Hint: It has something to do with Plinko!)