February Monthly Focus: Overall Wellness

We have seen time and time again how much financial stress affects every part of students’ lives.  Some students can’t pay their bills and must work a lot.  This situation doesn’t leave a lot of time for studying, which increases their overall stress level and has a negative impact on their grades.  Other students feel like they can’t talk to their friends or family about their financial problems because they mistakenly think that they are the only ones who have trouble with money.  This may make the students feel lonely and depressed, which affects their schoolwork and relationships with friends and classmates.  Fortunately, the Student Money Management Center is here to help!  When a student schedules an appointment with us, they can rest assured that they will have a Money Management Mentor who will not only answer their questions and provide them with financial resources, but who will also be a great listener and confidant for them.  We want students to know that we care about each one who comes into our office, and that anytime a student wants to come in and talk about their financial struggles, they will never be criticized for their past choices but instead guided to making better ones in the future.

Another great resource for students on campus is CAPS- the University Health Center’s Counseling and Psychological Services.  They are the best campus resource to use if you are feeling alone, anxious, depressed, or are having other difficulties.  The first 3 counseling visits are free for each student.  CAPS is available on City Campus Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm and on East Campus by appointment.  The CAPS office is located in the Health Center, Room 213.  They can be reached at 402-472-7450 or health.unl.edu/CAPS

For more resources on mental health and overall wellness, check out our bulletin board with our February Monthly Focus!