UHC Stress Free Zone

The University Health Center invited us to participate in their Stress Free Zone events during Dead Week.  We were at the East Campus Union on Tuesday and in the City Union Crib on Wednesday.  The Health Center had lots of fun activities for students to do such as a photo booth, gift bag decorating, and ornament decorating.  They also had lots of yummy treats as well as free chair massages!  The chair massages were a big hit with students.

We had a table with handouts on stress management in relation to finances, homemade gift ideas, homemade food gift ideas, and a holiday spending budget worksheet.  You can see and print some of these handouts on our Holiday Financial Hub webpage: http://www.unl.edu/smmc/your-holiday-financial-hub  We also had a drawing for an SMMC “swag bag” full of free SMMC goodies and personal finance tips.  Lastly, we had some free apple chip samples so students could have a healthy snack.  If you’d like the recipe, it’s on our homemade food gifts handout on our holiday financial hub webpage!  We had a lot of fun meeting students and giving them a little surprise during Dead Week.  If your department or organization is hosting an event that you would like the Student Money Management Center to be a part of, you can email us at smmc@unl.edu


Holiday Financial Hub

We’ve started a new page on our website called “Your Holiday Financial Hub.”  It will have information for each holiday as it approaches.  Right now, we have lots of information in regards to holiday gift giving and how to budget and save money during Christmas.  Got to http://www.unl.edu/smmc/your-holiday-financial-hub to print off our holiday spending worksheet where you can make a budget for your holiday expenses, including gifts, charitable giving, decorations, postage for mailing gifts, gift wrap, and extra food expenses for the holiday season.  You can also keep track of gift ideas for each person and how much they cost.  If you need help creating a budget, you can always make an appointment with us at https://unlsmmc.youcanbook.me/  You can also print off our two homemade gift idea sheets.  One of the sheets is on homemade gifts that aren’t food such as a homemade candle holder, a rice sock warmer, sugar body scrub, and more!  The other sheet is dedicated to homemade food gifts including homemade caramels, cinnamon apple chips, and roasted garlic butter.  This idea sheet even notes how much it costs to make each recipe!  There’s also links to our Pinterest boards on homemade gifts and on money saving holiday decorations.  You can also play our holiday spending tips game!

For New Year’s financial resolutions, we have our financial health checklist up, which you can print off.  Go through our checklist to make sure you are on the right path to financial success.  If there’s information you don’t know, please make an appointment with us!  We also have our financial health checkup game that you can play.  Stay tuned for more New Year’s financial resolutions coming soon and for money saving tips for Valentine’s Day!

Delta Upsilon Presentation

The Student Money Management Center recently put on its first workshop for the Greek Community this semester! We presented to Delta Upsilon fraternity this past Monday and we estimate over 75 members attended our presentation.  In this presentation they wanted us to focus on credit and investing for retirement. We went over the differences between credit scores and credit reports, what goes into a credit score, and the characteristics of good and bad credit users.

We also talked about the different options you have when it comes to retirement. We went over Money Market Accounts, CD’S, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds, traditional IRA, and Roth IRA’s.  In addition, we talked about how much you actually need to save for retirement and why it is imperative that you start investing for retirement as soon as possible.  We also talked about the differences between saving and investing. Not only was this our first workshop for the Greek community this semester but also our first emphasizing investing in retirement. Contact us if you would like us to present on any of these topics for your organization in the future!

Blog by Tom Myers, SMMC Program Assistant

Residence Hall Events

From time to time, the Student Money Management Center is asked to participate in events that residence halls put on.  In the last couple of weeks, we had the opportunity to be a part of events that Abel and Schramm residence halls coordinated.

An RA at Abel residence hall invited us to have an information booth on her floor to educate her residents about our office and about what we can provide for students.  We set up by the elevator to catch students on their way in and out of their rooms.  The RA was a great help to us because she stayed with us and was able to encourage students to visit our booth since she knew who all of them were.  We had our prize wheel to give away cool UNL SMMC stuff, a money personality quiz so students could figure out what kind of a spender they are, a financial health checklist so they could see if they are on the right track financially, and free pens.  We had a lot of fun meeting the residents and giving them free stuff!

A few days later we participated in a money management event that the RAs of Schramm residence hall put together.  They had it set up like the game of “LIFE” in that the students went through different stations and could spend money, invest it, gamble it, earn it, and use it to make decisions, just like they will later on in life.  We participated as the “expert” and were able to give students resources on topics of interest to them as well as some monopoly money for the game.  It was great to see that the Schramm RAs thought that a money management event would be helpful for their students.

We encourage any residence hall staff to contact us if they would like us to help with a bulletin board display, host an informational booth, or do a workshop for their residents.