Keychain Incentive Program

New this year is our keychain incentive program where you earn “punches” for completing financial education activities to be entered into a drawing to win awesome prizes!  We know that UNL students are very busy with classes, homework, clubs, and Husker sports.  The SMMC wants to encourage students to and reward students for seeking out information to better their financial future.  To do this, we have keychains for students to “record” their financial education activities on.  Check out our website ( to see a picture of the keychain. How do you get a keychain you ask?  We hand out keychains at UNL information and browsing fairs that we attend.  Sometimes, we have our prize wheel with us where you can spin to win a free keychain punch or other cool prizes!  We also give out keychains with one punch to all of our workshop/presentation participants.  Students can also pick up a keychain outside of our office at any time of the day to start earning punches.

Once students complete a financial education activity, they will receive a punch on their keychain from an SMMC representative.  It’s easy to earn punches!  Attend a presentation, schedule a one-on-one appointment with us, drop by the office to grab a brochure, complete a financial game on our website, and much more to earn a punch!  Check out our website for a complete list of eligible activities (  You only need 3 punches to enter our drawing.  Once you have earned 3 punches, bring your keychain to our office to be entered into the drawing!

We will draw for prizes at the end of each semester.  If you do not earn 3 punches by the end of this semester, you can continue to work on it and be entered into the spring semester drawing.  We have 7 awesome prizes that we are giving out this semester.  Check out our website ( for the complete list of prizes and pictures of some of the prizes!  We want to save students money by giving them free stuff!  What do you have to lose?  All activities eligible to earn punches are free, and any UNL student (undergrad, grad/professional, and distance students) is eligible to participate!