Financing Graduate & Professional School Panel

On Monday we took part in a panel on the topic of financing graduate and professional school.  There were also representatives from the Scholarship & Financial Aid and Graduate Studies offices on the panel.  There was a good number of students in attendance who were thinking about going on to grad school after finishing at UNL.  Each of us on the panel took 10 or 15 minutes to talk about money matters in relation to our offices and graduate and professional school.  Then we opened up the floor to the students to ask questions.  There were great questions about graduate student loans, finding assistantships and fellowships, and how to allocate money for grad school expenses and living expenses.

The SMMC gave the students a handout on Financing Graduate & Professional School.  The handout had information on a variety of topics, which we discussed briefly during the panel session.  We first discussed whether attending grad school would be helpful in students’ careers and how to evaluate the return on investment for that financial decision.  Then we talked about organizing our financial lives, including creating an emergency fund, making a budget, credit cards, and planning for retirement.  If any students who attended have questions on the information presented, please come see us in room 237 of the City Union!

Thanks to Career Services for putting on this great event and inviting the SMMC to be a part of it!  We really enjoyed meeting such ambitious students who wanted to plan ahead financially for grad school!  If you think the SMMC could provide helpful information on money management or any personal finance topic at an event you are hosting, please contact us!