Information Booths

A couple weeks ago we were invited to participate in the OASIS “Allow Me to Introduce Myself” involvement fair.  This was an information fair to give students the opportunity to find out more about services on campus.  The SMMC participates in many information fairs each semester.  We always have free things to give away to people who stop by our booth.  Free giveaways in the past have included pens, magnets, and sticky notes.  Sometimes we also have our prize wheel for students to spin to get even more free stuff!  Current prizes on our prize wheel include free keychain punches, magnets, tri-color highlighters, and water bottles!

We can create handouts for any type of information fair.  Earlier this semester we participated in a study abroad fair and gave out information on how to save and budget for study abroad and other money issues to watch out for.  We also are at all of the Red Letter Day information fairs giving handouts to high school students on how to financially prepare for college and handouts to their parents on how to help their students financially prepare for college.  In addition, we went to Parents’ Weekend and gave UNL parents information on tips they should share with their college students.  UNL students at Parents’ Weekend received our Financial Health Checklist so they could easily see if they are on the right financial track in college.  If you’d like to know where we will be ahead of time, check out our upcoming events on our website at: If you are organizing an involvement fair on campus, we would love to be a part of it!