BSAD 111 Presentation

A couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to present to a freshman-level business course, which included three different sections on three different days.

Our presentation included information on money management basics such as tips for saving money and reducing student loan debt, types of financial aid and refunds, creating an emergency fund, creating financial goals, budgeting, wants vs. needs, coupon services, banking fees, insurance, preventing identity theft, moving off campus, understanding credit scores and credit reports, and responsible credit card use.  Students were quizzed on what they had learned through an app called TopHat.  The vast majority of the students got the answers correct!

At the start of the presentation, students got to find out what money personality they are.  The Money Personality activity is by Olivia Mellan from  The five money personalities are spenders, hoarders, avoiders, amassers, and money monks.  The students answered 6 questions to figure out their money personality.  Then we explained what each money personality meant and what things they could do to improve their money habits.  This was many students’ favorite part of our presentation!  If you would like us to come present the Money Personality activity to your class or club (10 min) please contact us!

We were also able to get some great feedback from students through TopHat.  Some questions that we asked the students included what they knew the most and the least about before our presentation in regards to money management, and what they learned the most from our presentation.  We will use this information to make our workshops even more interesting and relevant to students’ needs in the future.  If you would like us to do a workshop with your group, please let us know!