Monthly Focus

This year, the SMMC is starting a monthly focus- a personal finance topic that we will find a lot of resources on to share with you.  Each month we will announce the monthly focus through social media (we are on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest).  The bulletin board outside of our office (room 237 in the City Union) will change each month, with new resources pertaining to that month’s monthly focus.  The bulletin board inside of our office will have resources from the last month’s focus, just in case you missed it!  Each Monday will be our Monday Monthly Focus where we will be sure to post about resources or information directly relating to the monthly topic.  In addition, we will post pictures of resources for the monthly topic often on Twitter.  All resources posted on Twitter or on our bulletin board are available for FREE in the office.  Don’t worry if you aren’t able to come grab a resource during that month- we will have them available all year round!

For August and September, our monthly focus was federal student loans in honor of students coming back to campus.  The bulletin board inside our office still has information about student loans on it if you missed it!  We have lots of free resources on student loan repayment plans, deferment, forbearance, and much more! You can stop by any time to get any of these individual resources, or simply pick up a packet of student loans resources if you want everything we have on student loans!

Our monthly focus for October is budgeting.  Budgeting is one of our favorite topics in the office, and is one of the topics that we are sure to mention in each presentation to students.  This month, be sure to follow us on Twitter to see pictures of all of the budgeting resources we have available.  We also have several budgeting templates for you to get started making your own budget.  If you need help, simply schedule an appointment with us online at  Our program coordinator’s favorite appointments are budgeting appointments!  All of the resources on our monthly focus budgeting bulletin board are available for free right inside the office!  Come grab a free resource or budgeting template today!