Women at Work Conference

This past Saturday, the Student Money Management Center presented at the Women at Work: Managing Money and Navigating the Workforce Conference.  The conference was put on by the Women’s Foundation of Lincoln and Lancaster County.  Other presenters included UNL Organization Development, Edward Jones, AARP, and panelists from STAR Communities and SCC.  Topics discussed in other presentations included workplace flexibility, foundations of investing, planning for retirement, and nontraditional and green jobs.  In addition, there was a presentation on Pay Equity Issues by the Department of Labor Women’s Bureau in Kansas City.  There was also a keynote on what not to do and a reminder to always be involved in the financial planning in your family.

There were two breakout sessions during the conference where participants could choose two of the four presentations to attend.  The Student Money Management Center presented a workshop geared toward women of all ages. During this presentation, participants learned about money management basics including credit reports and credit scores, avoiding bank fees, preventing identity theft, sneaky retailer tricks, investing in yourself, creating financial goals, budgeting, and basic investing and retirement planning.  We had a great time at the conference!  If you would like the Student Money Management Center to present to your organization, please contact us!