UNL Fall Check-In

Three weeks ago we got to be a part of Fall Check-In (formerly Mid-Semester Check) for freshmen.  Over 3500 students attended this event over the course of 4 days.  Students were able to choose from 5 topics for the first breakout session, and 5 different topics for the second breakout session.  For our 12 presentations during Fall Check-In, over 20% of students attended our Money Management session, for a total of 734 students!  During this presentation, students learned about money management basics including understanding credit scores and credit reports, responsible credit card use, debt repayment, student loans, budgeting, creating financial goals, preventing identity theft, investing, and planning for retirement.

Of students attending Fall Check-In, almost 11% said that their biggest obstacle thus far in their education was financial issues.  It is clear that there is still a huge need for financial education in a university setting.  We are grateful for the opportunity to reach so many freshmen so early in their college careers!  From the feedback we received, over 71% of students who attended our session thought the information was helpful or very helpful for them.  If you would like us to present to freshmen or any other student group about money management, please contact us!