All about the SMMC

Hello all,

Welcome to our new UNL Student Money Management Center blog!  We will be posting money management articles about various topics, and blogs about our resources or events we have or will be attending.  You should also check out our website at for the most up-to-date information about the smmc.  You can also call us at 402-472-9093 or email us at if you have any questions, or just drop by our office in room 237 of the City Union.

For our first blog, we wanted to share with you a little bit more about what the smmc does and what services we have available for UNL students.  We recognize that some students are not willing to talk to others about their financial concerns so we try to provide resources for students to find and learn information on their own.  We are active on facebook, twitter, and pinterest.  We share free events, money quotes and tips, and resource articles through social media.  Our website also has a ton of information ranging from financial games to articles to links to other UNL and community resources.  In our office, we have books and dvds that students can check out on a variety of money management topics.  We also have dozens of booklets, brochures, and bookmarks to answer all of your money questions!  Students can come into the office any time to pick up these resources to take home for FREE!

For students wanting personalized assistance, we offer one-on-one advising sessions.  Students can schedule an appointment with us by coming into the office, calling us, or scheduling one through our website.  You can choose the day and time that works best for you!  Common topics include creating a budget, creating a debt repayment plan, student loans, credit scores and credit reports, credit cards, saving, investing, moving off campus, employee benefits, and buying a car or a house.  Students often ask what they should bring to their appointment.  The answer is anything that would help your mentor understand your financial situation.  You can schedule follow-up appointments with your mentor as often as you’d like to keep you on track.

In addition, we do presentations and workshops for classes, clubs and organizations within UNL and the community.  If you are a professor and would like us to present to your class, please contact us!  If you are a member of a leader of a club or organization, please let us know what kind of audience you have and what topics most interest your audience.  A list of common workshop topics can be found on our website:  Usually presentations are 25-45 minutes, but we can fit any time frame!  If you would just like us to present an overview of the SMMC and what we do, we can do that too!

All of our resources are free for UNL students!  Please tell any UNL student you know to take advantage of our services!